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If You Go Then You Go It Alone: Lindsay Palmer

If You Go Then You Go It Alone: Lindsay Palmer
Opening Reception: Friday, January 10, 2014, 7-10 pm
Exhibition: January 10 – January 25, 2014
Gallery Hours: Saturdays 12-5 pm or by appointment

The configuration of maps mirrors the way that we have divided up our human bodies. The process of understanding is the main function of maps. Much as gender does to the human body, contemporary maps have taken what for centuries humans were only able to speculate over, and turned it into an easily accessible grid of knowable symbols and signifiers. This grid becomes sedimented into experience, assumed to be a map of reality rather than an arbitrary representation. Palmer is interested in people that traverse or break down these barriers and continue to redefine what we think we know about what it is to be a woman. “If You Go Then You Go It Alone” is about a group of these women, who sailed over and through such barriers, both real and imagined. Palmer honors these pioneers, and attempts to reflect on new ways in which we continue their journey today.


Mutations of Progress: Maria Hansen

RooftopsMutations of Progress: Maria Hansen

December 6 through December 21, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, December 6, 2013, 7-11 pm

Gallery Hours: Wednesdays & Saturdays 12-5 pm

(We will be closed from December 22nd to January 5th)

In this body of work Hansen explores the aftermath of collapse- industrial, socio-economical, natural and personal disasters. She captures snapshots of these scenarios with a heavy emphasis on the architecture of the environment. Some are inspired from real life, some are fictional, and others are amalgamations of the two. By choosing to work in a watercolor medium, she is able to create a color palette that both conveys nostalgia and develops a sharp contrast between the vibrancy of life and the dullness of loss.


Debra Broz has left the building; Welcome new Gallery Director Rebecca Marino

Goodbye, Debra Broz

Well, the day we all hoped would never come, has finally come.

Debra Broz has left the building for the last time. But while she may have left the building, she will always be a major part of the history and fabric of pump project, and one of the major forces that elevated pump project to its current standing.

She will be re-uniting with her husband after 4 long months as he begins his new career in LA.

Goodbye Debra, We wish both you and Rick the best of luck. You will be missed by all of us!

Welcome, Rebecca Marino

When one door closes, another one opens–

We wish to welcome on board our new Gallery Director, Rebecca Marino. Rebecca started as a volunteer from St. Edwards in 2007 and has always gone above and beyond. Under Debra’s mentorship, she has been running the gallery over at Flex Space for the past two years and will now take on the full gallery directorship role at the pump project main building at 702 Shady Ln.

In their most recent issue the Austin Chronicle ran a story about Rebecca, which you may have missed due to Thanksgiving craziness. You can read the article, Pump It Up!, on the Austin Chronicle website.


This project is funded and supported in part by a grant from the

Texas Comission on the Arts and the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division.