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702 Shady Lane
Austin, Texas 78702
Map & Directions


Pump Project Art Complex provides studios for over 50 artists in two buildings, Pump Project and Satellite. Our artists and craftspeople work in a variety of media including ceramics, glass, painting, jewelery, mixed media, printmaking and installation.
Our yellow warehouse at 702 Shady Lane has 23 shared and private studios with over 35 artists.

Check out ┬ástudio member’s websites below:


Joshua Green Studio C

Landry McMeans Studio D

Claire Sommers Buck Jewelry Studio D

Jan Middleton Roset Studio E

Seth Orion Schwaiger Studio F

Katie Cowden Studio G

Eva Glock Fine Art Studio G

Jeana Baumgardner Studio H

Darvin Jones Studio I

Sarah Schmidt Studio J

Audrey Lopata Illustration Studio J
Dave Loomis Studio K

Elizabeth McDonald Studio L

Emma C. Schmidt Studio M

Andrew Cherry Studio M

Donna Dechen Birdwell Studio N

Cheryl Finfrock Studio O

Maggie Kleinpeter Studio P

Sarah Raymer Studio Q

Matthew Wester Studio Q
Alicia Hartzell Studio Q
Edie Sunday Studio Q

Katy Hirschfeld Studio R

Kristin Freeman Studio R

Michelle Rahbar Studio R

Kafka Lenton Studio S

Phillip Nichols Studio S

Edson Enriquez (Limbo Jewelry) Studio T

Paul Alix Studio U

Andrew Murray Studio V

Toni Ardizzone Studio V

Rebecca Marino Studio W

Jai Cochran Art Studio X

Gopi Shah Ceramics Studio Z

J Prichard Design LLC Studio Z



This project is funded and supported in part by a grant from the

Texas Comission on the Arts and the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division.